Saturday, November 8, 2008

My cat likes to hide in boxes

Bonus cat pic!

Millie makes friends!

While millie didn't have the cat cam on for these shots - at least there is hope for footage of a secret cat meeting soon.

"o hai"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Youtube channel

And now Millie has her own Youtube channel!

This could get exciting...

Day 4ish Lazy Sunday

Bit of a longer post today - after wondering what was wrong with the camera, I changed the battery and the timelapse settings. And managed to get 110 shots! After sifting out the blurry and dark "omg I'm in trees you can't find me" ones - these here are a breakdown of Millies day. They're in order too - so it's interesting to see how little she wanders about really!

Beautiful day here today... I had no idea that Millie had an interest in clouds

Shot of the fence and clothesline - I think she's sitting in my vege garden... grrrr...

Sitting under her favourite seat.

hrm... that's not MY side of the fence! Millie must be visiting the neighbours!

This is another shot from the neighbours...

The corner of the house... FROM THE NEIGHBOURS garden...

Still at the neighbours! she must have been there for a while

Back on my side of the fence again, viewing the loquat tree. This seems to be the best place for skinks ( which are one of her favourite things to catch during this time of year...

Skink hunting... I'm sure...

The lazy Sunday view from a chair. Best place for me to visit and supply belly rubs!

Mysterious ball graveyard under the rose bush

My freshly planted flower and vege garden... I bet she's making a MESS here.

Just out of the flower garden.

Oh look- there's the ball graveyard.

Under her favourite chair again, that lavendar plant is looking a bit unhappy, I hope millie hasn't been using it as a marking territory plant.

The view from the other vege garden.

Possibly the next door. House paint looks similar, weeds - not so sure.

A few doors away? running to meet new kitty friends? So much for secret cat meetings Millie, you seem to hang out mostly at home and next door. Maybe the camera is too obvious? maybe it needs to be cat camouflaged before you'll go talk to other cats with it on?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Too sleepy for cat cam today...

I think that little cat is a little too tired for cat cam today... Might have to see how she goes a little later on today!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote for me!

I have given millie a bit of a break over the last few days just cause she finds the cat cam a little big.

but I'm pretty certain she wants to take over the world anyway...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 3

Lots of shots this evening... Starting with around home - once the cat cam is on it's ready to go!

In the trees... and I thought millie wasn't a tree climbing cat?

More treeeeeeesss

The view looking up high, maybe she was on the fence to take this one... Looking like a dark rainy Auckland day...

More looking around outside...

Clothesline again, Millie isn't really travelling about much today!

Around the other side of the house. It looks so different from Millie's level!

ha! I recognise that leg and hand...